• Alejandro Herrera Guiñazú was born in 1976 within a family of artists. From 1994 to 2000 we worked in his father’s art studio. From 2010 to 2015 he travels to USA, where he learns cast glass techniques and cold work techniques with artists like Loretta Yang, Milon Towsend and Daniel Clayman.
  • A stone once sitting in the top of the Andes Mountains finds itself in its river bottom, being shaped and transformed into soft, round shapes by an unceasing flow of water. The “Interventions” series is inspired by these stones I have tried to highlight the silent beauty hidden in these beautiful stones, adding magic and transparency through the glass, but keeping their original forms which guided me in the development of the work.
  • available works on artbco


    USD 9,000 / USD 0

    Fuego Inicial

    USD 18,000 / USD 0

    Laja y Agua

    USD 18,000 / USD 0

    Punta de Lanza

    USD 22,000 / USD 0


    USD 22,000 / USD 0

    Tormenta Solar

    USD 12,000 / USD 0


    USD 6,000 / USD 0


    USD 6,000 / USD 0

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