• Roller graduated from Minnesota State University of Moorhead with a BFA in Art Education in 1997 and received her MA in Art Education from Boston University in 2013. In addition to being a mixed media studio artist, Roller is also a full-time high school art teacher in Tremont, IL where she has been teaching for the past seventeen years. Recent major exhibitions include, "Jefferson Street Studio and Gallery Featured Artists" Jefferson Street Studio and Gallery, Morton, IL (2016), "Dialogues" Transpace; Illinois State University, Bloomington, IL (2016), "To Sum Degree" The Hud Gallery + Studios with Dab Art, Ventura, CA (2016), "Mix it Up" Royal Contemporary, Florence, CO (2016), "Map it Out" Blue Line Arts, Roseville, CA (2016), and "Annual Abstract Catalyst Exhibition" Verum Ultimum Art Gallery, Portland, OR. Her art has been featured in art publications in the Inside Publications (Sacramento, CA); Peoria Journal Star (Peoria, IL); Utrecht (Brooklyn, NY); Dick Blick (Galesburg, IL); Boston University Online Galleries (Boston, MA); artKudos International Competition and Exhibition, and the 12th Edition Encyclopedia of Living Artists.
  • Nicole Gronvold Roller is interested in structures and systems; specifically structures of chaos. She enjoys manipulating the rules of perspective by twisting and distorting the subjects she creates, resulting in discovering a new sense of place and space. These real and invented spaces are a means to organize the sensations of both actual and emotional interpretation of place. Invented spaces within Roller's portfolio are representational of her thoughts and tend to be linear, architectural renderings. Real memories within her portfolio are organic and have a tactile, earthly visual connection. They are triggered by the senses: a familiar song bringing her back to a childhood experience; a scent pulling her towards a forgotten moment. Roller's attention to text and image has evolved through the influence of map making, autobiographical automatism, journaling, and research. Roller's attraction to incorporating text is employed for both the natural texture of overlapping lines and the intimacy that handwriting provides. Roller cuts or slices sections of her writings; encouraging the observer to fit the pieces back together, urging a closer look at the underlying layers found within her art.
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