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  • IN CELEBRATION OF THE HISPANIC HERITAGE MONTH IPSP & ARTELATAM PRESENTS: “A JOURNEY THROUGH PERSPECTIVE”, AN ART EXHIBIT AND NETWORKING EVENT, SHOWCASING VENEZUELAN MASTERS & EMERGING LATIN AMERICAN ARTISTS HOSTED By ARTBCO & SAPHIRA & VENTURA from Sep 19-22 . New York, September 3, 2018- In celebration of the Hispanic Heritage Month, the Journalism Institute for Social Prevention (Instituto de Previsión Social del Periodista, IPSP), ArteLatAm, a New York City-based arts organization, in collaboration with the New York International Contemporary Art Society (NYICAS), and the Art Business Collection (ARTBco), one of the main online art marketplaces; present an art exhibition and networking event titled: “A Journey Through Perspective: Artists for Venezuelan Journalists”, to be held from September 19th - 22th, 2018 at Saphira & Ventura Gallery, located at 4 West 43rd Street New York, NY 10036. At least 200 art supporters are estimated to attend the event, among them will be artists, art collectors, art organizations and investors. This event is open to the public. A percentage of the earnings will be directed towards the IPSP, a non-profit organization founded in 1966 in Caracas, Venezuela, focused on developing important social support policies that support the affiliated journalists. The earnings will be destined primarily to health care and dental services areas. The IPSP is comprised of 24,000 journalism professionals, who also belong to the National Venezuelan College of Journalism. ArteLatAm is an arts organization based on New York, known for providing the necessary resources for working Latin American visual artists needs to thrive in this area. Their mission is to contribute to a deeper understanding of Latin American art in a global level. "A journey through perspective: Artists for Venezuelan journalists will have the support of ARTBco, the main virtual online art market, who will supervise part of the exhibition with a previous virtual auction ( with special prices until the 19th, which is the day of the opening. On the 22nd, the virtual exhibition will be opened again with the incorporation of new artists. This event will display artworks by art masters such as Carlos Cruz-Diez, Jesús Soto, Juvenal Ravelo, and Oswaldo Vigas and includes pieces from other acclaimed contemporary artists, providing an opportunity for young emerging Latin American artists. All of those who are interested are invited to attend the opening reception on September 19th, 2018 at 6PM. Please RSVP via this link Please contact ArteLatAm for any specific question: (347) 570-3314.
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