• John Raymond Henry (born 1943) is an internationally renowned sculptor.[1] Since 1971, Henry has produced many monumental and large-scaled works of art for museums, cities and public institutions across the United States, Europe, and Asia. He has created some of the largest contemporary metal sculpture (90 to 100 feet (27 to 30 m) high) in the United States, and his sculpture is designed, engineered, fabricated, and erected by his own studio in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Henry's sculpture has been described as huge welded steel drawings. He arranges linear and rectilinear elements that appear to defy gravity and float. Many suggest a moment of arrested motion where flying or tumbling elements are frozen. There is a simple elegance and an unexpected sense of immediacy and lightness in his work.
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    Cathedral Columbia

    USD 29,000 / USD 870

    Maciachini Model 1

    USD 22,000 / USD 660

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